Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Toyota's Pod car, will it be a success ?

CNN original

"Japanese car maker Toyota is working with Stanford University in the U.S. and Edinburgh-based company Affective Media to create the car that can read your feelings.
Toyota has already unveiled a prototype of its Pod concept car, which has headlights that fade from bright to dull and change color to indicate happy, sad or angry moods, depending on how the driver inside is feeling.
The car would be able to detect, for example, if the driver was stressed about running late and tell them the best possible route.It would give certain information that would help. If they were in a hurry, the car would work out the safer, faster route instead of, perhaps, a scenic route. The in-car voice would talk to you in an attempt to improve the state of your mood."

So, this is a good use of technology and the first one of its kind. I appreciate that. But will this concept car be a success for Toyota ? I have my own doubts. It can reflect the mood of the driver, so what ? big deal! I don't think it will succeed in improving the moods of the drivers on most cases, because technology is being used as a substitute for psychology. This might turn out to be a good experiment, we'll have to wait. Anyways, the prototype car in the above pic. doesnt even look good to me, and thats my foremost criteria. Hope they change it, not that I have the money to buy it.



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