Saturday, March 22, 2008

Bill Clinton sings about being back in the White House!

No, just a prize-winning animation of that...;)

Do not miss the cartoon


Friday, March 21, 2008

Gov. Richardson endorses Obama ; Clinton tries her cheapshot!

Gov. Bill Richardson from New Mexico, tha nation's only hispanic governor, today appeared with Obama at a campaign event in Portland, thereby endorsing him. Richardson dropped out of the Democratic presidential race in January. I think this is a great win for Obama, because this is certainly going to improve his stake with the hispanic population in the country, for whom Clinton has been the favorite so far. And that's probably why Clinton should be sweating it out.

However, what surprises or annoys me the most in this thing is Clinton, who was also equally wooing Richardson's endorsement upto this point, on seeing this new endorsement, instead totally switched gears and has announced that Richardson's endorsement is not quite big a deal. Ha! You know what that sounds to me like? you see the girl you want walk away with another guy and you console yourself saying you wouldn't have dated her anyway! I think that was a total desperate cheapshot from Clinton. But hey, it's politics we're dealing with.

Nevertheless, I think this is a great move for Obama's White House race.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

NME Prize Disbursement - $2.1 M dollars!!!

Got this mail today from National Magazine Exchange (NME) saying that I've won or am eligible for (was not clear) for $2.1M dollars as a sweepstake. It also said that the winner will be paid as 30 annual installments of $70,000.00.

Haha! Looks good? Just another scam. Such scams normally give an -800 number and ask you to call back, don't even think to taking it further and doing it. My letter goes straight to the trash, there is nothing called free money. Be careful.

One way to check on these numbers is to go to and try to see if there is a match for the number you were asked to call, or you received a call from, in one of their forums and confirm that it could be a scam.