Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Can you make Coke explode? Watch this, it's too funny. I'm waiting to try this on someone....while I don't want to mess my house up. Maybe the parking lot? :)


Monday, July 30, 2007

Drama at NASA

NASA has always been among my most admired and respected agencies of the Federal Government, known for its reputation and highly-skilled scientists. The movie Apollo 13, starring Tom Hanks if you haven't seen it, is a true IMAX experience, but in addition, captures the astronomical abilities and leadership skills of these NASA folks both on the shuttle and back down at their Houston center. While I was in TX, I made it a point to visit Houston just to be inside the Johnson Space Center, just for kicks....

However, it is a pity to observe the recent happenings at this great insitution that hosts some of the best mathematical brains in the world.

(1) On at least 2 occasions, NASA astronauts were permitted to fly after drinking heavily, according to a report that was released last Friday by an independent investigation panel. Are you kidding me? While heavily is a relative term and the reports don't quantify it, dude c'mon, what are they flying here...? space shuttles for God sake...although the report also does not mention whether they were flying the space shuttle or were on the training planes. In either case, I don't think anyone would consider it acceptable or pardon the misdeed jeopardizing the flight safety.

(2) To add to their miseries, the space agency is also currently investigating the sabotage of a computer scheduled for delivery to the International Space Station (ISS) during a space shuttle mission next month. Reports say that a worker at a subcontractor deliberately cut the wires on the computer.

I wonder what is happening to the agency and what the government is planning to do to fix these issues, and restore its slowly tarnishing reputation...


Monday, July 23, 2007

The new ultra deep sea driller

Q: How many people operate the new independent hub by Anadarko Petroleum in Houston, TX?

A: 16 people

That's right! Just 16 people! This is the deepest hub or sea driller ever built, it goes 8000 feet deep. And, it is a $2 billion project - yes, this is a very capital intensive industry, says Anadarko CEO, James Hackett.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

CNBC Top U.S State for Business

Q: Which has been named as America's Top State for Business, by CNBC?

A: Virginia

More information on why...

- Internet capital of the country
- Largest office building in the world
- Largest shipyard in the world
- Unemployment rate - 2.9%
- State's largest industry - Agriculture

Two weaknesses that were noticed for Virginia during the study are Transportation and Cost of Living. But the government is believed to have started addressing the Transportation issue with their intiatives.

And the Top-5 list extends to....

#2 Texas (Go Texas!!!)
#3 Utah
#4 Georgia
#5 North Carolina


Saturday, July 07, 2007

My new Wimbledon favorite!

Alright, you've seen me talk stories about the Champion, Federer, here. This Wimbledon 2007, esp. after the stunning Quarterfinal match between Roddick and this 21 year old 12th seed, Richard Gasquet, this French guy becomes my new favorite. As proclaimed, his backhand is just amazing, and I believe if there's one guy who can beat Federer on grass, it has to be this guy - perfect technique and absolute elegance.

He came back from 2 sets down to beat 3rd seed Andy Roddick 8-6 on the final set, with 93 winners, majority of those coming from his flawless single-handed backhand. The only other player I've seen in recent times play such fluent, effortless single-handed backhand is obviosuly Roger Federer.

I'm all excited to see the semi-final clash at noon on Saturday between Federer and Gasquet, where for the first time I'm going to be supporting someone against Federer. Hmmmm......