Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ubuntu - installing and using lxsplit

Ever used HJSplit for file-splitting and joining? It supports multiple platforms and all are compatible with each other. While there is no HJSplit yet for Ubuntu, there is "lxsplit" which is the linux equivalent of HJSplit.

Here's how you install lxsplit on your Ubuntu, fairly straightforward.

1. Download and install these two Debian packages (using GDebi Package Manager or deb)

lxsplit deb package (command line)
gtksplit deb package (GUI)

2. Install 2 more libraries, libgtk2.1 and libgtk2.1-common, using Synaptic Package Manager

3. You're ready to use - just type gtklxsplit in the command line and it opens up a easy to use GUI window that allows you to join and split files.

paddu@home:~$ which gtklxsplit
paddu@home:~$ gtklxsplit &

Just as HJSplit, lxsplit also uses the .001, .002 , etc. convention for the extenstions after splitting the files. So, files split with HJSplit in Windows can be joined together using lxsplit in Linux, and vice-versa.

You will find these tools very handy especially when downloading/uploading huge files from/to the Internet. The storage websites like Rapidshare, MegaUpload, etc, all have size limitations per file uploaded for Free accounts. Most people use HJSplit (or lxsplit in our world!) to circumvent these restrictions. Enjoy.