Sunday, December 03, 2006

Oh man's Vista's commercial!

Watch this new Microsoft Vista commercial (in stark contrast to my previous post)

My comments -

(1) Terrible marketing - who is going to pay attention to a commercial where you have to read rather than listen to someone talk?
(2) Nobody will believe in a better Windows with this commercial. Please don't put this on TV!
(3) Why should I trade up my XP for Vista based on this ad, and further fork up $150 for the same (not forgetting any additional hardware costs that I have to incur)
(4) Ok. one of their liners read - "Build valuable solutions that meet customer needs" or something like that. Apart from sounding exciting (:-)), this gives me the impression that I've been losing customers because of using current Microsoft solutions...crap...
(5) I didn't quite understand who the target market is for this ad - people on macs and linux, or, people who want to upgrade from XP, or people who want to buy new PCs?



Anonymous Joe said...

I agree, didn't understand what the ad was all about - just people jumping here and there...the ad sucks..

3:27 PM  

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