Thursday, June 23, 2005

Digital Antigraffiti - a nice theme

NYTimes uncut

This year the annual Webby award ( the online equivalent of Oscar ) awarded by the International Academy of Arts and Science, for the best art site went to Graffiti Archaeology ( , a pictorial study of graffiti covered walls as they evolve.

The creator of this site, Cassady Curtis, is a San Francisco animator , and he hasn't taken all those photographs on the site himself, but just stitched them together to depict history. This site is a pretty cool one to see, when you choose one of the locales decorated by the graffiti, you are shown a recent photograph first, and then you can move backward in time or hop around using the timeline at the bottom of the page.

I believe it was worked on using Macromedia Flash. I found it to be quite a nice theme, that not many would have thought of. Worth a look!



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