Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Classmates.com polls its community

YBiz Uncut

With the reunion season impending, Classmates.com recently polled its community of friends and acquaintances from schools, work and military. Results revealed that 80% of those polled are planning to attend their reunion. And 57% are looking forward to seeing their best friends and old crushes at their reunion.

Click here for further Reunion Poll key findings.

Classmates had also recently announced to offer alumini rings from Jostens Lifetime which will include a broad selection of personalized high-school rings and select military rings, to help members show their school pride and affiliation. "Classmates.com and Jostens together have the new technology, service and support to provide a superior online shopping experience", is what the CEOs had to say about the blossoming parterneship.



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