Tuesday, July 05, 2005

FTP - Federer - the lawn mower

Roger Federer is the name. 'The invincible' , 'the peerless', 'the champion', 'the elegant', 'the grass court lord' etc... are its synonyms.

Wake him up at 2:00 am, stick a racket to his hand, and send him out into a howling blizzard - within 18 minutes, he'll be two sets up on Sasquatch. He is Federer. He is simply superb.

Such is the reputation this 23 year old Swiss gentleman has earned for himself already, in the world of tennis. All this grew manifold, when he captured, or rather retained, his Wimbledon crown, thus joining the hatrick club of Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras. As he beat seed no-2 Andy Roddick 3-0 in the finals, and seed no-3 Leyton Hewitt also 3-0 in the semi-finals, he has further displayed his contemporary supremacy over the game. He just dropped one set to Keifer in the 4th round, and that was the only set he dropped all through Wimbledon 2005. Boy, that is some record too !

Federer now leads Roddick 9-1 head to head, on which Roddick comments saying that, he would want to keep taking another chance at Federer as long as that count reaches 1-32 in favor of Federer. He admitted that he played to his best, but Federer always managed to pass him, such is his talent. Roddick seems to have a lot of respect for Federer amidst all this though. He says - "I've told him before, ' I'd love to hate you, but you're really nice' ".

Well, I'm just waiting for Roger to crown his French Open title soon on clay, the only un-championed avenue in his world of tennis.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

agree, dude! sanjay.

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No second opinion on this.


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