Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Comcast to follow AOL

Not in customer satisfaction, but rather customer dissatisfaction!

Recently, I posted about the customer dissatisfaction experienced by an AOL customer who was led through worries and miseries to just cancel his account. The sequel to that movie is here today in the form of Comcast, and guess what - this is worse.

A Comcast customer, Brian Finkelstein from D.C., has posted a video of a technician from his Internet service provider (Comcast) sleeping on his couch. Isin't that hilarious? Why would a technician who comes to your house to fix your technical problems have to sleep on your couch?
Apparently, Finkelstein's internet connection was working intermittently and he had called Comcast customer support to get his modem replaced. This lousy technician who visited him to replace his modem, called the company back for help and was put on hold for more than an hour.
And fed up with waiting, fell asleep right there probably listening to a lullaby over the phone.

My first question is, why is Comcast so behind that even their own technician cannot get through to them? One hour? I wonder what the customers are going through trying to get technical support. Next, how unprofessional is it to sleep on job and how preposterous is it to sleep on your customer's own couch? Hahaha! I can let a technician who visits my home use my phone, use my fridge, use my TV, use my restroom, but NO! NOT MY COUCH! Sorry, but I wonder what's next.

See it yourself, Finkelstein has been kind enough (:-)) to upload the video at YouTube.

Whatever be it, these people, Vincent Ferrari first (AOL customer) and now, Brian Finkelstein (Comcast counterpart) have caught the eyes of the journal, and are all over CNBC and other top business channels tearing apart the customer satisfaction component of business of these top Internet service providers today. More ways to become famous!



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