Saturday, July 29, 2006

Microsoft's 5-year flat stock price

I just took a peek at Microsoft's 5 year stock price range, which remains flat at around $25. They even tried a stock-split in early 2003 (see above chart)- but no luck with that too. This shows the stiff competition that the software giant is unable to handle, from Apple and Sony in the digital entertainment business, and Google in the online business. Thankfully, I am not one of their patient shareholders, expecting them to give something substantial back to me. Apparently, they have not been paying back sufficient dividends also enough to keep their shareholders happy, who have been grumbling for quite some time now about Microsoft's practice of not distributing more of its cash hoard.

That's probably why they are acquiring health-care software technology Azyxxi
(premium WSJ content) to explore their non-core business strategies. Do what you do best and succeed, or do what Microsoft does and ....



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