Monday, July 24, 2006

Zunes over Tunes? Nah.....

Microsoft has announced its final resort in the digital entertainment business, with the plan to launch software and hardware for digital music players, under the brand name Zune. Although they've got creative with the name (Zune is a non-dictionary, non-encyclopaedia word - see's suggestions) to match their rival Apple's iPod which is today almost a commodity item, I think the farthest innovative they can get would be as good as their Windows.

Nevertheless, expect the Microsoft-infected iPod called the Zune, later this year in December. This is probably how they would package it (read iPod as Zune) Enjoy!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a sexy one...we were actually studying the marketing and branding strategies of both these co.s - apple and can only begin to understand apple when u start using one of their products...and with the ipod, they are now mainstream

2:44 PM  
Blogger Padmanaban Kumar (paddu) said...


Or, you would begin to understand the genius in apple, only after starting to use a similar microsoft product :)

[It would be great if you could sign off, so that we know who's saying what ]

2:55 PM  

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