Saturday, September 09, 2006

Steve B makes a fool of himself

An old video of current Microsoft CEO, Steve Balmer, trying to market Windows 1.0...hahaha!

We know where Vista stands now, the launch in Europe is threatened to be further delayed, which is not exceptional with Microsoft products. This time, it is due to the EU concerns. The EU regulators had sent Microsoft a "detailed list" of concerns regarding the Vista operating system back at the beginning of July, and Microsoft only responded to that by end of August. EU's top anti-trust regulator, Neelie Kroes, spoke by telephone about the issue on Aug. 22 with Steve.

A delay in launch could prove to be adverse for Microsoft and it is also expected to have economic consequences across Europe. There's only one way out -

An older Steve B has to market the product well to the EU, once again putting to action his repertoire of acting skills that he has demonstrated in the video above, while selling Windows 1.0 !!! I would love to see that atleast ...



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