Sunday, November 05, 2006

Ponce de Pinot Noir - makes one healthy

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Have you ever wondered why the French women are so slim and attractive, or why the French have fewer heart attacks than the Americans ? Probably, this is why...

Scientists have just discovered that a substance found in Pinot Noir (red wine), called resveratrol, protects mice from obesity and the effects of aging, and could perhaps do the same for humans too!
While mice are the only mammals tested so far, the researchers who've studied this effect are so convinced of its powers that some of them are already taking the stuff as nutritional supplements that can be purchased commercially.

Is this a biological free lunch?



Blogger Sasidhar said...

The same study also says that to get the same effect in humans, one must get as such resveratrol as supplied by 3000 bottles wine in one day..

Of course, media will gloss over such details.. and concentrate only on sensational aspects. :P

12:06 PM  

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