Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Darfur - deadly genocide....not many of us know about it...

Darfur, a historical region and former province in western Sudan, has been suffering from a deadly conflict for the past three years now.
  • At least 400,000 people have been killed
  • Over 2 million innocent civilians have been forced to flee their homes and now live in displaced-persons camps in Sudan or in refugee camps in neighboring Chad
  • More than 3.5 million men, women and children are completely reliant on international aid for survival
  • Not since the Rwandian genocide of 1994 has the world witnessed such a calculated campaign of displacement, starvation, rape and slaughter
  • Antonio Guterres, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees has described the situation in Sudan and Chad as "the largest and most complex humanitarian problem on the globe"

It's just terrible, right? A whole nation in such dire straits. For more background on why all this happening, visit the Save Darfur interest group's website. Interested folks can also help lobby Congress or sign a petition to President Bush, from the activists' website

This is a problem that future generations would read about in their history text books. It needs to be stopped. Every message counts. Before it is too late.....Save Darfur!



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Thanks, Paddu...I have seen and signed this already...

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