Wednesday, January 03, 2007

'Dirt' premieres today on FX - first episode not impressive...

Yeah, I sat through that, since I had nothing else to do tonight.

Hmmm...but I wanted to see it actually, 'cos it was being hyped up a lot. The commercials were very flashy, jazzy and seductive. Courtney Cox isin't just going along for the ride here, 'Dirt' is from the production company she runs with her husband, David Arquette. If you missed it today, or haven't seen the commericals, here you go -

I found it odd and funny initialy to see Courtney not play Monica but instead a more serious character in Lucy Spiller as the editor of tabloid magazines whose mission is reflected in the show's title. She looked good though.

I expected more from the opening episode at least, more than the Don Konkey character, a schizophrenic paparazzo who will do anything his editor asks him too bringing back X-rated pics of quicks, the dead, and hypocritical power couples. I think they filmed the show supposing it to be fast-moving, it was instead frustrating. We've seen all the celebrity dirt already, right? - blackmails, hot-tubs and bubble baths, car crashes, cocaine addictions, pain killers, action stars, extra-maritals, etc. I'm not sure what else 'Dirt' is going to bring to light.

Anyway too early, let's see how the following episodes are. It shows on FX - Tuesday nights 10 pm EST.



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