Thursday, December 21, 2006

Geek couple implant RFID chips into their bodies...

I was checking out a few cool RFID applications and came across this story, which is more than half a year old now, but thought it was cool enough to post today too ...

A tech-savy couple (in full justification to my Tag name for these kinda posts), Jennifer Tomblin, 23 from Vancouver and Amal Graafstra, 29 from Washington, have taken both love and RFId to the next level and embedded electronic RFID chips under their skin that allow them unrestricted access to each others' lives, including front doors, computers, cars etc. The system works like a key-card, a simple swipe of the wrist across an electronic sensor sees them in.

The chip is just 2x12 mm, embedded in a tiny glass tube and can be inserted via an injection needle. Once implanted, it is invisible. Amal has even posted a few videos of his implant experiment on his website. The tag costs only a few dollars and the sensor h/w is like around $30 they say, but the softwares for all these applications aren't out yet. Amal has been experimenting in this field and has thus coded it up himself. Interested RFID geeks must check out his book that he released recently, called RFID toys

But keep watching this space, I'll post any other haunting RFID applications that I come across...



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