Saturday, February 10, 2007

Cisco IBSG Global Offsite Conference, 2007

Hello everybody, sorry there've been no updates for a few days. I was busy at Cisco's IBSG (Internet Business Solutions Group) -Global Offsite 2007 Conference at San Jose from Feb 6-9. And I'm just on my way back.

It was a very exciting experience where I got to meet a lot of exceptionally qualified people from all over the world, including the emerging markets like Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Korea. It was a 3 day event at the Seascape Resort at Aptos, CA (around an hour's drive from San Jose).Our CEO, John Chambers addressed the gathering today. I must admit he is an amazing speaker and personality. He enlightened us on Cisco's vision and strategy for the future. The one speaker who left the audience discussing the topic at dinner tables throughout the conference, was Cory Ondrejka - CTO Linden Labs. (I've long wanted to post about that - Linden Labs and Second Life, I'll do it sometime this weekend or next - If you don't know about Second Life yet, hold on for the surprise)

Overall, an inspiring week!



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