Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Toyota becomes world's No.1

Forbes Uncut

Toyota Motor became world's No.1 auto seller when it overtook General Motors finally by selling 2.348M vehicles worldwide in the last quarter from Jan to Mar, as against 2.26M vehicles by GM.

This is a big milestone for Toyota, as it continues its innovation and fight for gaining the world's No. 1 spot. Will 2007 be the year? It looks favorable...



Anonymous Lumbergh-in-Training said...

what goes up must come down. you have not just taken up the first place, you have also acquired all the negative attributes which you have projected till date about the leader. you have also vacated the 2d place, fast on your heels, underdog position that aided you in the fight against "the man", the "monopolistic behemoth" position.

5:32 AM  
Blogger Padmanaban Kumar (Paddu @ Just for Kicks) said...

Agreed, but that is not a reason good enough not to fight and climb up to the spot, isin't it? GM in spite of its rising problems, has been the world leader for long now, and now that they've slipped down, I think it is going to be real hard or close to impossible for Rick and others to turn things around so much that they overtake the Japanese again...

11:40 PM  

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