Thursday, August 02, 2007

America's infrastructure gone for a toss, with the Minnesota breakdown

Here's the update....

  • Minnesota Interstate 35W bridge breaks down (experts say, due to corrosion), costs 6 lives (counting...)
  • Minnesota ranked #3 in the country for infrastructure
  • Ranked #11 by CNBC for business in the Transportation industry
  • Victims trapped in submerged cars
  • Not able to use cellphones, as these stupid devices, like Tendulkar, don't serve in emergency situations. They couldn't handle the traffic when everyone reached their cellphones immediately and simply crashed! - Speaks of America's infrastructure again!
  • Federal government orders all the states to inspect all their bridges IMMEDIATELY
Click here for a slideshow of images of the breakdown from

Victim driver says, "I don't believe I'm alive..." - Check out for more coverage on that.

Some more stats that may be eye-openers for the Congressmen, who probably feel it's not a sex appeal to talk about transportation and infrastructure during their campaigns, nor are willing to sufficient spend money on it.
  • 70,000+ (13%) U.S. bridges are structurally deficient
  • 3,871 of these are over 100 years old
  • $188B - $0.5 Trillion to bring them upto what they should be, and it will take a lifetime
  • Bridge repair backlog is around $55 B
  • Fed spends nearly $40B a year on highways and bridges

Alright, if the Minnesota bridges are ranked among the nation's best and this is what happens, I guess everytime now I go on a bridge or a highway, I can't stop my thoughts wander......



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