Sunday, July 17, 2005

S^2: Discovery - launch yet again delayed

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Will it ever launch ? Well we'll have to wait and see. Atleast I'm happy they're catching all the bugs in the QA and regression testing stages, unlike the Columbia disaster. The launch has been delayed multiple times since June 15th. This time, it was called off just 2.5 hours before the scheduled launch, due to a glitch in 1 of its 4 fuel sensors. To test the sensors, commands were sent such that the reading should change to "dry" or "empty", but one of the sensors didn't change, The first ever launch ever since failed Columbia mission, which disintegrated over Texas on Feb-1 2003, killing all 7 astronauts on board, is still hanging in thin air.

So, I understand that NASA is desperate to make the Discovery space shuttle a grand success, and are not willing to compromise on such minor flaws. But they're running out of time, if they dont launch it by July 31st, I believe they have to wait until September. That is not a shame though, I would say. They're just being cautious- once bitten, twice shy. So, there's still of lot of heavy work happening at the Kennedy Space Center at Florida, with the NASA controllers working hard to meet their schedule.

Irrespective of whether they launch it or not, such glitches, and skipping deadlines at such high levels as the NASA, well, make me feel good as a software engineer :)



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