Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Save the Internet conference in Memphis in January

If you haven't heard about Net Neutrality yet, you're in the dark. I urge you to read one of my earlier posts

On January 11 in Memphis, some of the more than a million bloggers, YouTubers, musicians, celebrities, politicians, activists and citizens who form the core of SavetheInternet.com Coalition will come together on the eve of the National Conference for Media Reform in Memphis.

The SavetheInternet.com Coalition has enabled more than a million Americans to speak out on the issue, moving Net Neutrality to the forefront of the debate over the future of the Internet.

Throughout the weekend, SavetheInternet.com members will participate on panels and workshops on online organizing, blogger activism, Net Neutrality and the future of the Internet. This is a chance to meet face to face, strategize and build momentum for winning Net Neutrality as a new Congress returns to Washington. I think I'm going to be heading there in Jan. If you are interested,

Register Now for the National Conference for Media Reform.

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