Thursday, January 04, 2007

First woman speaker in 230 years!

I just saw on ABC news, Ms. Nancy Pelosi being sworn in as the Speaker for this new 2007 Congress. She is amazingly the first woman speaker over the last 230 years ever since this Republic was formed.

Ms. Pelosi is a Democrat from CA, and is third in line for Presidency after President Mr. Bush and Vice President Mr. Cheney. She has given the new Congress, not 200 days, but 100 hours to fall in place and start acting as one team. Now, that's a motivation.

The swearing in was a pleasant sight with all the children and grandchildren of the members of the Congress, yes, this is one day the members are allowed to bring their children. And, Ms. Pelosi invited all the children over to the podium to show her warmth.



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