Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Foreign students in India and U.S ...

I came across an interesting, but not surprising, statistic from the Institute of International Education, that I thought I'll share.

In 2005-06, India was the country with the highest number of students studying in the U.S (76,503 Indians out of 564,766 total foreign students).

In start contrast, India held the 20th place among the countries where the Americans go out to study with a total of 1,767 U.S students.

What a difference! Of course, the population counts, but still the economy of the two countries accounts for this large difference. Heard India is a developing world power and growing economy (close to 9% GDP growth)? You're right - that's why this number (1,767 U.S students in India) is up 52.7% in 2005-06 over the previous year, only second to Argentina with a 53.1% increase!



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