Monday, January 08, 2007

French man gets his lost wallet back after 62 years

Forbes Uncut

Strange and interesting story...

Ray Heilwagen lost his wallet 62 years back in France during World War II. Late last year, he received a call from Stephen Breitenstein of Palatine asking if he had lost his billfold. Apparently, Stephen's father also served in France during World War II and recently died. Digging through his father's possessions, Stephen found this wallet that his father had probably brought back from the war hoping to find the owner one day.

Stephen's efforts to find the owner using the Internet and return it back to Ray in tact with all the Francs, pictures and Ray's original Social Security card, are creditworthy. As for Breitenstein, "I was impressed that a stranger would go to such trouble to locate me and return my wallet," Heilwagen said.

6 decades....ufff.....



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