Saturday, January 06, 2007

'Open Prisons' are in the spotlight in UK

Q: What are 'open prisons' ?

Classified as Category D, open prisons have a more relaxed security regime and are generally used to prepare inmates for their release. White-collar criminals indulging in crimes such as fraud or deception traditionally spend much of their sentence in open prisons. But people placed in open jails have to risk assessed and categorized as low risk to the public before being transferred from high-risk facilities.

Examples of open prisons include include Ford in West Sussex, North Sea Camp in Lincolnshire, Hollesley Bay in Suffolk, and Leyhill in Gloucestershire

Prisoners can wander about freely, do academic classes and business studies and in general they get prepared to get back to the community, in these open prisons. For more insight, refer to this article on BBC news



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