Monday, January 15, 2007

A piece of advice on the Keynote videos


Here is a piece of advice to those intending to watch the keynote addresses( from the previous post) from Bill Gates (at CES 2007) and Steve Jobs (at Macworld 2007) - which both took place during the same week. Just to see the popularity among these speeches, Steve's keynote was viewed more than 11,000 times already on YouTube while Gates' was viewed only around 700 times.

And once I saw both, it was pretty evident why. What Microsoft claims to be cool in its Vista and Office Live, are no longer cool. They claim to take entertainment from the PC to the next level, whereas if you watch Steve Jobs' demo of the iPhone, you will understand that Apple has already taken entertainment to dozens of levels ahead.
While the iPhone's demo was receiving applause every 20 seconds, Justin Hutchinson, who was demo'ing the Vista at CES (see video Part-2) thought he demo'ed something sexy and when he failed to receive any sort of applause, he had to ask for it, "No claps? " That's how embarassing it was, when I was already beginning to feel the audience were being paid to applaud. Well, I mean, they are talking about managing photos, they should have just seen how iPhone (which runs OS-X and full-fledged Safari browser by the way - no miniature WAP browsers) manages photos - that is what is sexy, that is what is next mile! The iPhone is a revolution!

I suggest you watch Gates keynote first. Else, you might dismiss it within a few minutes - I'm only trying to be as fair as possible to Microsoft and Bill Gates. :)



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