Thursday, June 07, 2007

Don't Walk Alone in Paris

Says who? The answer is, none other than Sony!

Sony has launched a pretty creative yet unintuitive (at least the online version at seems rather unintuitive to me, but let me accept I'm not a big marketing guy) marketing campaign on the streets of Paris. They've started taking over the walls of the French city, so that you'll never have to walk alone again.

More videos are uploaded for some vague purpose on their campaign website -

In fact, until I read what is happening on Buzz Is Media, I had no clue that even Sony was involved with this - that's how clever (or unclever?) this whole campaign is.

I'm trying to think what are they trying to do? Are they marketing their wall projector, or are they going to project on the streets of Paris, their ads for their own diversified products?
If it is the latter, I might start getting inclined to think that it is a pretty cool idea, or at least an untraditional attempt. Let's see where they head from here. But nevertheless, you never have to walk alone in Paris again, yeah, you're going to be crowded around with stick figures and ghosts...beware!



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weird idea....

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