Wednesday, April 27, 2005

FOI: Japan rail disaster - 25th Apr 2005

CNN Original

A packed commuter train jumped the tracks on Monday, 25th April 2005, at around 11:48 PM ET in Ibaraki prefecture, north of Tokyo, and hurtled into an apartment complex.

According to the Japanese police around 90 people are known to have died and another 450 injured. Investigators are focussing on the speed of the train and the inexperienced 23 year old driver , with just 11 months of experience. The driver is missing and still under search.

To shake the confidence of the Japanese commuters further, the day immediately after Monday's wreck, a commuter express train collided with a truck in northern Tokyo suburb, derailing the first car of the train. Fortunately, there were no victims this time, just the truck driver was injured.

These train accidents, the mostly deadly ones in Japan in the last 40 years are considered "possible criminal negligence" and are being investigated rigorously.



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