Monday, July 18, 2005

S^2: LEDs used for street lighting

CNN Uncut

Dutch Electronics group, Philips, the world's leading lighting maker, has replaced bulbs in lamps on the streets of the Dutch town Ede with light emitting diodes (LEDs). With 50,000 light hours, LEDs do not have to be replaced for 11 to 12 years lit at an average of 12 hours per day. The lamps contain yellow and white LEDs which allow for brighter and softer tones according to the season and time of the day. Gas filled electric lamps last for an average of 12000 hours, and are difficult to replace. These new LED street lamps are twice as expensive as the gas-filled street light lamps, but are compensated for by the longer life span.



Blogger kicha said...

good, the LEDs are better than the gas filled lamps, since the performance is 4 times better than the other.

1:48 AM  
Blogger Padmanaban Kumar (paddu) said...

yes...but since they are doubly expensive than gas-filled lamps...LED lamps would still have a net advantage of 2 times, over the latter.

its nice to see LED's grow from our digital labs at CEG, to vendor machine timer displays, traffic signals, and now to street lights also.

1:57 AM  
Blogger Thoughtcurry said...

Did you get through to Mccombs this year? Am interested in your experiences. Do share.

7:02 AM  

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