Saturday, December 24, 2005

HOOK 'EM: A day in my life at McCombs 1st Sem

6:00 : alarm goes off - wake up, reset it, and sleep again
7:00 : goes off again - wake up, reset it, and sleep again
(pretend not to hear it ring again for a while, 'cos its now anyway too late for the 8:00 am class)
8:00 : the damn thing goes off yet again, but really wake up this time, or I'll miss the 9:30 class too
8:15 : get some cereals and juice quickly
8:30 : take a quick shower
8:45 : out of the house
9:30 : Accounting / Operations class
11:00 : Finance/ Statistics class
13:00 : Go to Dobie's or Jester's to pick something to eat, or do lunch at the Atrium if I had packed some sandwiches from home
14:00 : Information Management class
15:30 : Discuss group projects and assigmnments with team
17:00 : Attend a presentation by Shell CIO, Mr. Frank Torgus
18:15 : Rush to 6th Street for Deloitte Information Session
21:00 : Take the shuttle back home
21:30 : Start work on the following day's turn-in Boston Beer Accounting case or Stats assignment or the Google/Blockbuster Case for IM class
22:30 : Cook some dinner, watch half-a-movie or update myself with what WSJ or BW has to say
23:15 : Continue with individual assignments
01:00 : Work on the group projects and presentations due last week before the finals
02:00 : Very rarely, read up some case studies for the next day's class / work on my resume if I have any resume drop deadlines coming up
02:30 : yawn........and asleep
02:45 : wake up suddenly remembering that I forgot to submit my assignments, so submit them online on the BlackBoard since I won't have time in the morning, and off to sleep again....
03:00 : discover a lil' peace...finally...



Blogger Mani said...

you are scaring me a lot. Is it really tht hectic or u screwed up in the beginning and got to tht stage? ;)

12:18 AM  
Blogger Padmanaban Kumar (paddu) said...

Since you are looking at the Indian B-schools, you must ask the Bengal tiger.
But I'm pretty sure its no less hectic.
And yes, you're also right in a way, I always keep things to the last.:)

1:05 PM  

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