Wednesday, December 21, 2005

HOOK 'EM: A lil' flashback....the MBA orientation, Fall 2005

So I landed at Austin in August 2005. That was the last update from me. Its about Christmas time now. So what has been happening all through? Well, I just had a warm welcome to the B-School. Its not that I couldn't find 10 minutes in a week to keep you all updated, but everytime I think of doing it, I would have some other higher priority work at school. Sorry about it.

Anyways, here we go.....We had a week long orientation program in the last week of August, that was pretty much indicative of how life was going to be thereafter. There was an accounting boot camp to show the rookies how threatening financial accounting could be, and its worth noting that these classes were at 8 am, a time of the day that I had not experienced for the last 3-4 years. Nevertheless, the camp was exciting, got to meet a lot of people from various countries and more importantly very diversified backgrounds. One the first day, if I remember right, I had a banker from Bank of America and a guy from the U.S military sitting on either side. No, I was not scared, just clinging on to my seat yet.

I've heard them say this before, but was seeing this happen now....Job search during an MBA program starts the very 1st day. To show the truth in it, we had our sophisticated Career Services division speak to us highlighting the importance of a one-page resume and iterated through all the services they can offer us, was pretty enlightening and at the same time scary.

Once the sessions were over, I made it a point to go around the campus. It took me a week to get a top-level map into my head. So huge was the campus! UT hosts more than 50,000 students and is among the largest public schools in the United States. I found that it has an awesome library, which is claimed to be the largest in the country. I've been lost there twice so far. The B-School looked elegant in its own way, but I'm pretty sure any B-School across the country is going to be this way, they are meant to be. (Photos, later). What interested me most was that the library had an audio visual section which hosted an excellent collection of movies on DVDs, both latest and classics, and this was for free! I still relish that.

It was the last day of the orientation, and we had a business dinner at the Texas Union Ballroom. Dean Gau welcomed us to the program and opened the gates for us to enter the McCombs MBA Program the following week. The following night he hosted a party at his magnificent house. I met with a lot of new friends and was excited to learn about where they came from and what they were doing prior to B-School.

A little tired. A little homesick. But excited by the second. A weekend to go through, before school begins.

[Watch out for further updates, for more information on the courses that I attended during this 1st semester and for a typical day in the life at McCombs]



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