Monday, July 03, 2006

No, trust me, its a Ferrari 1-2

I was already having a bad weekend with England gone down in FIFA. The race on Sunday made things worse for me. What?

The IndianPolis U.S Grand Prix has the former world champion set another record for himself to become the only driver in the world to win the grand prix 5 times. I don't even remember the last race when Ferrari dominated all through like this. No doubt, Bridgestone was competitive as usual on this track while Michelin was more conservative in the Renaults and McLarens of the world. So, primarily, Ferrari had the edge thanks to Bridgestone. I think every year the Indianapolis grand prix should win the most dramatic grandprix of the year. No one has forgotten what happened last year here, when Michelin pulled back support for its teams adn we had only 6 cars racing and Schumacher pulled it off. This year, we had 7 cars crash out at the first corner itself. Juan Pablo, as usual, with this stupid, more than aggresive, driving tocuhed the rear of Raikonnen which left Nick Heidfeld spinning out of the track. With the way the accident looked, I'm so glad he's doing fine. Although Montoya indirectly blamed Raikonnen for braking early, it was pretty obvious that it was a reckless and senseless move by Montoya.

With Schumacher and Massa on row-1, I was overjoyed to see the start. Its been quite a while that I saw 2 red cars on the front line. Although Massa took on Schumacher on turn-1, Schumacher regained lead at the 2nd pit stop. It was nice to see the Ferrari crew back in action and excitement with well-executed pit stop strategies for both Massa and Schumacher. They dominated the race throughout and finished 1 and 2.

Former world champion, Michael Schumcher, lifts the trophy to trail Alonso by 19 points after this. Although I've been an ardent Ferrari fan for years and years, I felt really disappointed that I missed the chance to go for this race. My friends and I had planned to gor for this race, but I had bailed out. I should have trusted Bridgestone, if not Ferrari atleast :) I made a big mistake in deciding not to go for this race, I haven't seen one live. It would have been a great opportunity, I wonder if I ever again will get to see two Ferraris on the podium with Schumacher in the center. With the way things have been for Ferrari over the last couple of years, I didn't expect anything different in this race too and felt I would be greatly let down if I were to see Schumacher drive a mediocre race. But I was wrong!

So, with mixed feelings, I begin this week.



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