Sunday, July 09, 2006

My date with Niagara

Just wanted to be the typical alien at the United States, so decided to visit her. Since I'm at Cleveland now, didn't want to miss this opportunity as she's only a 3-hour drive from here. If I get back to Austin, wonder when I would have got this chance. Here are a few snaps from that experience, most are self-explanatory. She's old, but gorgeous!

This is how she looks from the U.S side. Claims go that her Canadian side looks more magnificent.

Indian at U.S. , Canada from U.S ...

I think these ones are from the top of Niagara. If you move a little south, you'll see her slipping down.

Soon, my date turns into a conference. Betrayed! There were others invited too!
The famous - "Maid of the Mist" ride - It's much spoken about, but I felt it was just good and nothing spectacular about it.
We got to wear these while on the ferry for the I wish I needn't had to...
And so feels my friend Jitendra too! (since we didn't have a big group this time, I had to click him and he had to click me)

The play continues to scene-2, costume changes to yellow, if we wanted to go right beneath the falls at this point called 'Cave of the Winds'

Ok, I saw a pretty bird and I thought I shot it. But now.....I guess it flew away and only my shadow remains........

Tried real hard not to make weird facial expressions during such a marvellous rendezvous, but.....hmmm....God knows where these come from!

And so, for a peaceful finish, the better looking part of the two, all by herself...



Blogger Mani said...

Really gorgeous dude!!! I guess I should have defly gone there. :(

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Namy said...

Man!!! nice pictures and good to see you after long time

3:06 PM  

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