Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Buckeyes spoil our party

So, it became obvious that our longhorn freshman quarterback Colt McKoy was no match for hero Vince Young. Unfortunately, I got to see OSU show us who the No.1 was ("this year"!), when the Buckeyes beat the Longhorns last Saturday. Trust me, it was not a pretty sight at Austin after that. Like many others, I didn't even want to head downtown after the game, as we expected the place to be crowded with OSU fans.

However, the tailgates happened in their usual craze. The pre-game crowd was stupefying, as you can see in some of the photos we took there. For those lesser mortals non-Longhorns, this is how Austin looks prior to every single game at UT.

Yes, we bleed orange!!

The Business school has its own tailgate too, usually the biggest one to party! For this game in particular, I believe there were people standing in line for 2-3 days continuously for reserving tailgate locations. And here's the B-school's...

Rohit, I, Charles and Abhishek - Yes, this was still much before we lost the game, that's why the cheers!

Rohit caught a few nice snaps of the pre-game, enjoy!

Ball in action Drunken horns! Hahaha!

If this was how our 'spoilt' party looked like, juz imagine how it would have been had we stepped over the #1s. Nevertheless, it's not over. You'll see us roar back for the OU weekend!



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