Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Top 10 technology disappointments of 2006

With 2006 nearing a close, all sorts of annual ratings and rankings are firing up.
Microsoft figures in 2 of the top 10 technology disappointments of the year 2006. However, it is Sony who is leading the list this year, with the Blu-Ray delays and PS3 launch allocation problems. Here is the complete list. You can check out TG Daily's complete review of these products and reasons for their failures. Keep in mind, these are editorial comments and rankings, nothing official yet.

#10 - Apple iPod (what? - in face of competition, iPod is in near danger of losing its sex appeal)
#9 - Microsoft IE 7 (just one of Microsoft's futile attempts to fend off Firefox 2.0)
#8 - HDTV (user confusion and lack of easily available information on the product)
#7 - Intel ViiV and AMD Live (not a big value add, and these are high-tech brands that don't normally succeed in the consumer electronics market)
#6 - 802.11n (standard not approved yet, interferes with 802.11b/g)
#5 - Microsoft Zune (We've discussed enough in this space to see why this is a complete tragedy)
#4 - Broadband Internet (stalling distribution and development of DSL and cable Internet)
#3 - DRM (Digital Rights Management - content protection and access restriction)
#2 - UMPC (Ultra-Mobile PC-failure of Origami)
#1 - Sony (Blu-Ray and PS3 mishaps)



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