Monday, May 16, 2005

Firefox vs Internet Explorer

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Microsoft's Internet Explorer, though the market lead by a huge margin, has started to slip in its share of the world's browser market. Open sourced Firefox, developed under the Mozilla Foundation was not even tracked separately till last October when WebSideStory first started tracking it. Today, as on April 29th 2005, Firefox had a 6.8% share as against 3% last October.
AOL's Netscape has a 2.2% share, while Microsoft's IE dropped to a 89% share from 95% share last June.

These figures seem to be for all OS's combined. But, even on machines running Windows the IE share has gone down from 97% to 91%. If this is the case on a Windows machines which comes pre-installed with IE, its not very difficult to guess the plight of IE on other OS's.

A quick browse over the browser market outside the US also reveals similar statistics. Germany, one of the leading pioneers of Firefox with a 23% share, has just 69% for IE !

So, the reasons for this migration ?
(1) People are starting to believe more in the open-sourced community
(2) They are getting averse towards Microsoft's products
(3) Firefox has much lesser security holes than IE does
(4) Microsoft has lost grounds on its user-friendliness too, whereas firefox is starting to dominate that region slowly
(5) In short, people want a change.

This migration is in its inception, but towering faster than we expect. This being the case, I dont see Windows surviving long too, especially with Linux catching fire so rapidly and Tiger roaring loudly into the streets.

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