Monday, May 16, 2005

FTP: My experience at Restaurant-X, Hyderabad

Last night, we first-timed a restaurant, codenamed Restarurant-X in this post, at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad - India. As the name indicates, it was a Kerala-fashioned indoor dining area, very well decorated with good show pieces around, that even made my friend feel as though travelling in a boat at the Kerala "backwaters". (Theres a reason why this is in double quotes :-)) While we were admiring the arrangement, little did we know of what the dinner had in store for us.

Ok, let me come straight to the very reason why I'm publishing this. You won't believe it, we found a cockroach, small one though, in one of the dishes. For a minute or two we were just shocked, after which we called the bearer who cleverly took the plate away immediately and said he would replace the dish - now with what ? lizard ?. Theres no way we were continuing our dinner there. As it is, the food was horrible, yeah, even without the insects - probably the cockraoch was added to spice up the food. When we asked to meet the manager, we heard that he had left early, that was ridiculous. So, we just passed on our written comments, hoping it would reach somewhere.

I normally get angry at such incidents caused by negligence, but was desperately trying to control my temper until.....the golden-hearted bearer, who looked a little Chinese to me, I dont know really, who actually waived off the dish as we'd expect, but managed to find his guts in tact to offer me a discount coupon on a come-back offer, along with the bill. I placed is back into his hands, and gave him his much required verbal thrashing and walked out. Thankfully, we guys had some nice ice-cream on the way back home, to compensate for / feed the cockroach(es). Yeah, you never know, I 've been feeling somewhat odd today :)



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