Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Ferrari without Schumacher

is like a computer without a monitor...hmmm....not good enough...probably is like a night sky without the stars...well...trying to be creative here but it's not working. Nevertheless, Schumacher confirmed to retire from Formula1 racing next year. He still trails Alonso by 2 points after his emotional Ferrari victory in the Italian Grand Prix last weekend.

People aware of the situation said, that his relationship with Ferrari will however continue although it is unknown what it would be at this point. For all he has contributed to Ferrari in the last 11 seasons and contributing to 6 of their constructors' crowns, I wouldn't be surprised if they even create a new position for the master racer (or would he take Jean Todt's role?)

"Words are not enough and whatever I could say now will never fully express how much I love this fascinating world of motor sport and all it has given me," said Schumacher

Well, now to my Formula1 career as a fan. I've been a loyal Schumacher fan ever since I started developing an interest in this sport. And at the same time, admired the Ferrari car and crew in action. It is not an easy thing to digest that the next season I will have no Michael to cheer. However, the new Ferrari team would consist of 2 highly talented young drivers in Raikonnen and Massa (whose contract will be extended considering this performance this season).

Michael will be missed, not a feather of doubt, but...

Go Ferrari!



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