Saturday, September 23, 2006

Not a very good scene in Missouri

CNN Uncut

"It's devastating," he said. "We've got nice houses that are just tore to pieces."

Forecasters warn that storms and possibly tornadoes could hit parts of Arkansas, Kansas and Missouri today. "You could get a lot of rain in no time flat," one meteorologist said. Rescuers are searching for anyone still stranded after torrential rain sparked flooding and tornadoes ripped through homes. Five people were killed on Friday, with others forced to seek shelter in trees.

Yes, it's not a very good scene out there in the Midwest and South. More than a 100 homes were damaged and torn apart. My condolonces.

We've got terrorism, Al-Quaeda, world wars, wars for nothing (you know what I'm talking about), plane crashes, road accidents. Isin't that enough? To add to these, we have these natural disasters. Why? hmmm.....



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